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Keni Muses

21 July
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  • keni_muses@livejournal.com
Hello, and welcome to Keni_Muses (on LiveJournal).


What's the purpose of this blog? To provide a place for my reviews and more purposeful posts, such as topical essays and articles. I have an interest in human psychology, so there will probably be some focus on portrayals of mental health and health care in the media, as well as ableism and multiphobia in society today. I'm also very much interested in such social topics as racism, sexism (I'm both a feminist and a masculinist), homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, multiphobia, fatism, classism, nationalism, etc... basically, any form of bigotry toward people who are different.

All these terms most people are probably aware of. Except perhaps for multiphobia. So, what is multiphobia? Well, it actually means fear of multiple things, but it also refers to bias against multiples and multiplicity (better known as MPD/DID) where they are written as being dangerous psychotic psychopaths and almost like something out of the Excorcist.

Currently, I'm reviewing some American superhero comics published by DC Comics as I am addicted to them right now. I tend not to venture far from the comics featuring Batman and his Rogues, particularly Harvey Dent, but I've been trying to branch out a bit.


Female, queer-gendered, plain, and in my early twenties. I'm usually optimistic about the future of the world and prefer to see good in people, even though I tend to get down easily and have a hard time being hopeful about my own future.

I write fan fiction, original fiction, songs, poems, and I like cross-stitching, drawing, and making various graphics. However, this blog is strictly for my non-fiction works and reviews.


Since multiplicity is something that is rarely heard of, let me briefly explain my beliefs regarding multiplicity/Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder:

I believe that multiplicity exists.
I believe that it is possible for people to become multiple naturally, even born multiple.
I believe that people can lie and therapists can mess with their patients head.
I believe that people can become multiple from trauma, abuse, or emotional distress.
I believe that regardless of how a "split personality" is created/born, they still deserve the respect one would give to a human being with their own distinct body.
I believe that even if you feel silly or you aren't sure whether or not a person who says they are multiple is telling the truth, you should give them the benefit of a doubt and treat them and their "split personalities" with respect and open-mindedness.
I believe that when a therapist continually pushes integration on a client that does not want integration, that it is a violation of their personal rights.
I believe that integration raises the same moral questions as abortion and should neither be forced upon multiples nor denied them. It should be their choice.
I do not believe "split personalities" can be defined simply as fractures of a person's psyche.
I do not believe that they are any more dangerous than any person I might run into at the grocery store.
I do not believe that the Jekyll & Hyde stereotype is good writing.
I do not believe that it is okay to write "split personalities" like that.
I do not believe people who have "split personalities" should be treated as victims of horrific abuse just because of this.
I do not believe all multiples are like Sybil.
I believe that any time a person calls a disorder that involves multiplicity schizo-fucking-phrenia, a puppy dies. Please. Think about the puppies: Stop Abusing The Term Schizophrenia.

And, finally, I do not like the terms "split personality", "host", and "alter". I'm working to ban them from my vocabulary and my blogs.